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The Map To Your Future Was Torn Into Pieces When Your Ex Bailed On Your Relationship, Right?

But That Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be Lost And Alone, Wandering The Streets With Sad Break Up Songs As The Soundtrack To Your Life.

Because What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted Is The Most Charismatic, Confident + Together Person You Know.

Welcome To The GPS To Your New Life.

The Breakup Recovery Roadmap.

Ever had to visit your old high school friend, who got married, had kids, and moved out to a town you’ve never heard of? I know the general direction, you say to yourself as you get in the car and start driving. How unsurprising that somehow, you end up completely lost.  

Lost, alone, and white hot tears at the ready to sting your cheeks, you finally admit defeat, get out google maps, plug in the address, and lo and behold, you get there in 5 minutes flat.

What the hell were you thinking trying to wing it? Trying to get to a whole new destination, that you’ve never been before, alone?

Seems kind of crazy you’d try to go to a whole new place you’ve never been before without directions, yet that’s exactly what you’re doing right now, trying to get over your ex.

And that’s why it feels damn near impossible to move forward.

At every corner, there’s a memory of you and your ex, happy.

At every intersection, there’s a photo of them on Facebook, smiling.

At every set of lights, there’s the thought of never kissing them again.

You’re Trying Your Best To Get Over Your Ex, But All You’re Getting Is Roadblock After Roadblock.

Allow Me To Be Your Google Maps, Your GPS, And Your Roadmap To Healing Your Heart, Getting Over Your Ex, And Stepping Up Into Living Your One Wild And Precious Life.

Enter: The Breakup Recovery Roadmap.

The break up recovery roadmap will take your hand and show you the way through your this gut wrenching heartache. One day at a time. One moment at a time. One breathe at a time.

The break up recovery roadmap will give you the quickest route to getting out of bed, and stepping into the main character of your life again. Start walking around smiling, laughing, and living a life that puts your heart back together again.

The break up recovery roadmap is your GPS to your new life.

Hey! I’m Laura Yates, I’m your break up and dating coach, and I’m here to bring your heart back to life after flatlining from a breakup. Armed with my practical toolbox to help you heal from heartache, and get you back in the dating game (when you’re ready), cupid’s arrow has got nothing on me 😉

My coaching is like real talk with your best friends, except when you work with me you’ll get real results. You know, you’ll actually get over your ex, you’ll stop waking up in the middle of the night feeling lonely, text at the ready, and you’ll start to make eye contact with hotties again.

I’ve coached myself and hundreds of clients through their own heartbreak, and now it’s time for you.

Navigate Your Way To The Other Side Of Heartbreak, Where I Guarantee You’ll Meet The Happiest Person You Know.


The Roadmap Pit Stops:

Module 1:  When You Feel The Pain, You Heal The Pain

This module looks at how important accepting the pain actually is. Most of us will do anything to avoid what’s at the core of our pain, but it isn’t until we really feel that pain, and accept this is how we’re feeling right now, instead of resisting it, that we can move through it.

I’ll guide you through my 5 Step You Time Daily Journal System which helps you make sense of your pain. It includes a gratitude practice, what you can do to make today as great a day as possible, and an opportunity to evaluate what you’re learning about themselves.

Module 2: The Mind, Body, Soul Support System

This module looks at how we can use mindfulness and meditation to deal with grief, fear, sadness, anger, and betrayal. What makes breakups so hard is that we fight against what we’re feeling.

This module also looks at how focusing on your physical health is a crucial part of getting over a breakup and how it has a direct correlation with emotional wellbeing.

I’ll guide you through my Mind, Body, Soul Support System which help you become less reactive to your emotions, and less likely to copy in ways that’ll be more damaging long-term. It includes the importance of a support network, how to communicate with your support network, and what to do if you feel you don’t have anyone.

Module 3: How To Deal With Communication With Your Ex

This module looks at the triggers that’ll have you wanting to react and reach out to your ex, and the best way you can handle these triggers moment by moment so you’re not set back on your road to recovery.  

I’ll guide you through how to cultivate an awareness of your triggers when you do want to react or reach out to your ex and instead, how to intercept those with healthier behaviours and thoughts that bring the focus back to yourself.

Module 4: The Social Media Intervention

This module looks at how we can handle social media after a breakup, how to deal with seeing our ex on social media, and the tools available that enable us to become less exposed to seeing our ex on social media. Social media creates a great deal of anxiety and tension when it comes to going through a breakup.

I’ll encourage you to focus more on getting outside into the real world and interacting with others, and therefore consider a social media detox or sabbatical. I’ll guide you through how you can use social media in healthy ways, become more mindful of the impact it’s having on you, and the importance of turning your attention to the real world and to yourself.

Module 5: The Answer To One Of Your Biggest Problems: How To Let Go

This module delves into handling those feelings of jealousy, betrayal, sadness, and confusion. Letting go of an ex is probably the biggest struggle we all experience, and we have a habit of viewing the relationship through relationship with ‘rose tinted glasses.’

I’ll take you through some exercises that enable you to see the relationship for how it was in reality, and how to see the situation as an opportunity.

Module 6: The Confidence Craft

This module is all about building your confidence after a breakup.

I’ll be sharing personal stories of what I did and examples from clients.

This module is highly practical and will delve into the idea of what confidence really means to you on a deeper level.

Module 7: How To Change Your Life For The Better Right Now

This module looks at the final piece of the puzzle: creating closure, with a strong emphasis on the fact you don’t need another partner to achieve this.

That’s right!!! It’s not about replacing your ex, it’s about stepping up into living your one wild and precious life right now.

I’ll guide you through how to create new positive routines, how to set goals that excite you, how to take time out from the digital world on a daily basis, and how to continue all the great mindset work you’ve been doing to build a more abundant and fulfilling mentality.

I’ll also address the power of forgiveness, looking at past behaviours and habits that haven’t served you well, and how to create a breakup bucket list to keep the momentum going with focusing on yourself, having fun, letting go, setting yourself goals, rebuilding your social circle, confidence and sense of self worth.

Your One Way Ticket To A Whole Heart Includes Instant Access To:

// 7 Modules

// Worksheets with each Module

// 7 Audios

// The eBook ‘The 7 Step Breakup Recovery Roadmap’

Your Investment: $49

Wake Up Smiling.

Leave The House Laughing.

Make Eye Contact With Hotties 😉

Light Up Your Heart.

Fall In Love With Your Life.

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