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You’re Trying Your Best To Get Over Your Ex, But All You’re Getting Is Roadblock After Roadblock.

Allow Me To Be Your Google Maps, Your GPS, And Your Roadmap To Healing Your Heart, Getting Over Your Ex, And Stepping Up Into Living Your One Wild And Precious Life.

Enter: The Breakup Recovery Roadmap Ebook

The Breakup Recovery Roadmap Ebook will take your hand and show you the way through your this gut wrenching heartache. One day at a time. One moment at a time. One breathe at a time.

The Breakup Recovery Roadmap Ebook will give you the quickest route to getting out of bed, and stepping into the main character of your life again. Start walking around smiling, laughing, and living a life that puts your heart back together again.

The Breakup Recovery Roadmap Ebook is your GPS to your new life.

Hey! I’m Laura Yates, I’m your break up and dating coach, and I’m here to bring your heart back to life after flatlining from a breakup. Armed with my practical toolbox to help you heal from heartache, and get you back in the dating game (when you’re ready), cupid’s arrow has got nothing on me 😉

My coaching is like real talk with your best friends, except when you work with me you’ll get real results. You know, you’ll actually get over your ex, you’ll stop waking up in the middle of the night feeling lonely, text at the ready, and you’ll start to make eye contact with hotties again.

I’ve coached myself and hundreds of clients through their own heartbreak, and now it’s time for you.

Navigate Your Way To The Other Side Of Heartbreak, Where I Guarantee You’ll Meet The Happiest Person You Know.


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