Testimonials from Past Clients

Laz W: “Laura has a passion for compassion. She was able to take my relationship story and discern elements I felt I hadn’t included to keep me moving forwards with renewed focus and energy.”

Mark H: “Never felt so good about myself and I’m now with a girl who fully appreciates me for exactly who I am. You made such an impact and so much has changed – thank you so much!”

Titus: “It’s been a month now since you gave a lot of useful advice…I have been able to forget about my ex….only a flicker of thought once in a while during the course of the day, but I am 99% recovered. Thank you.”

Sarah K: “Right from the beginning Laura felt like someone who has known me my whole life, yet she is able to provide balanced, objective perspective and actionable steps toward feeling confident, happy, and fulfilled in a way that is hard to find in someone who feels so close. Laura felt like the perfect fit for me because she is goal-oriented and positive. Thanks to her guidance, I’ve incorporated new habits into my life that bring me peace and I’ve learned to think about things that weigh heavily on me in a different way. I’ve learned to fall in love with all of the things I enjoy about life again and have overcome real challenges with her help.”

Emily H: “My session with Laura was so helpful. I slept the whole night last night. This was the first time in weeks.”

Rich D: “Brilliantly articulated, well structured and shrewd. Laura has a unique set of interpersonal skills that portray how much she values the people she works with.”

Luis: I want to thank you again for all your time and advice. I just spontaneously booked a flight to Zadar, a wonderful beach in Croatia, and I will spend it on my own and open to meet new people. I know that I would have NEVER decided something like that if my confidence was still very low. For once, I feel like the “main character” of my life and it is so great to feel that.”

Shauni: “I just want too say a huge thank you too you Laura I’m now over my ex, I am me again and I have never been so happy couldn’t have done it without your support so thank you so so much”

Ghofrane Ben Hariz: “I’ve been trying to find my way to reconnect with myself and have a more fulfilling life. Laura, a wonderful coach and mentor really supported me going on this journey. Laura is very dedicated to her work, helping her client to find their way through the darkness. I immediately recognised her passion and dedication to her work and life purpose when talking to her. She was willing to support me with steady steps – that might seem small, but have a big impact – towards the big goals. Facing my fears was the big challenge that kept me from connecting with myself and thanks to Laura, I took important steps towards this goal. She gave me many tools that allowed me to face my problems and move through them and provided a constant support through email event between sessions. I was so pleased to have Laura as a coach. It was a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. Thank you Laura!”

Amber Hurwitz: “Laura is a highly conscious and effective coach. She treats her clients with the highest levels of attention and care. Laura’s coaching approach is joyous and uniquely tailored to your personality. Laura has a talent for instilling her clients with super-charged positivity and a renewed hopeful outlook. Her coaching will leave you feeling uplifted, full of spirit and ready for anything. Laura gets to the heart of life challenges, big and small, with sensitivity and support. I have climbed to new heights and overcome real life challenges with Laura’s guidance. I feel that I could not have asked for a better coach and mentor during this journey. I think of her as ‘my angel in London’ because of her uplifting energy and passion for her work. Laura is a powerful co-creator in helping you to achieve the life of your dreams. I cannot thank Laura enough for her talent and dedication as a coach.”

Raquel M: “Laura is a very thoughtful coach. I could feel her genuine interest in helping me move forward and I believe that is one of her best qualities as a coach and mentor. I have always felt understood, she is extremely empathic. The coaching sessions with her are very helpful as I always get guidance and specific plans to follow.”

Pirowska N: When we met I was feeling so stuck in my life, anxious and worried about the future and didn’t really know how to get out of this and move forward. Working with Laura was incredibly helpful in clearing my mind and setting my priorities regarding to what I needed to do to move towards a solution. Laura’s approach of making me think and guiding me to work out possible solutions myself and setting small, achievable goals were very motivating and finally got me moving. It gave me a healthy start out of worry and procrastination! She also reminded me how important it is to realise what I’ve achieved up to now and it really helped me to get rid of the negativity and appreciate life more. Thank you so much Laura!”

Rowen B: Laura has been a really supportive and focused coach. She’s full of ideas and strategies to implement to achieve a goal. She’s very adept at identifying where my own attitudes and thoughts are potentially blocking me from finding further solutions to my situation. She’s also very perceptive. She often intercepted moments where I was about to disregard the action I had taken and the changes that had already happened, and dive head-first into my next goal instead, and got me to stop and notice my achievements. I recommend working with Laura to anyone who needs not only guidance and a plan of action, but who wants helpful and insightful encouragement along the way, because Laura offers all of it as part of her natural coaching style.”

Shaun: “I can’t believe how much I’ve changed. I’m so grateful, thank you for being such a great coach”