My work is about helping you – so let’s start with you. See if any of these strike a chord with how you’re feeling right now -:

– I can’t seem to get over the heartbreak I am feeling

– I can’t get my ex out of my head!

– I’ve gone through a break-up and finding it difficult to move on

– I lack confidence and self-belief 

I don’t feel good enough 

– I’m not with anyone and I feel left behind!

My relationship doesn’t make me feel good and I don’t know which way to turn

My coaching and mentoring is divided into 3 main sections; break-ups & healing from heartbreakrelationships and confidenceSo if you’re struggling with any of these, I’m here to help you work through the challenges you’re facing and move forwards with authentic action.

Why Work with Me?

First of all I have a great knack for getting to the route of an issue or challenge you might be facing. This means that I can help you work on it quickly and with results. That said, the way I work is with a sensitive approach. You won’t feel overwhelmed and the goals we set will be designed to work exactly for you. They’ll get you out of your comfort zone but from a place of support. Most of all, I want you to enjoy working with me! My clients find the way I work and the goals we set fun and rewarding so aside from getting you to where you want to be, we’ll definitely have a great time in the process! 
1 – 1 Coaching and Mentoring

To find out about how we can work together please contact me.

What is it about your break-up that you are really struggling with? Please fill out this short survey as this will help me be able to help you even more