As you’ll know from my blog and writing, getting over a break-up has been a big journey of mine – and I’ve learned a lot! I recognise how much of a need there is for support in this area and so I’m offering coaching to help you get through/over your break-up and heal from heartbreak. I work with men and women and the coaching will be tailored to each individual.

I understand that it is a real journey (emotionally and practically) and that positive support and encouragement from others is vital. I’m also aware that support coming from someone outside of your friends and family circle can be hugely beneficial as that person will only have your journey upwards as the main focus – my work is about bringing the focus back to you to become your best self.

Some of the areas we will/can explore include -:

– What to do in the first stages of heartbreak

– How to take small steps forward every day

– Cultivating self-love and doing things for you

– What to do in moments of weakness

– Ideas and goals geared towards revamping your life to create new memories

– Coping techniques

– How to handle letting go of your ex

– How to handle communication with your ex

– Getting your self-esteem and confidence back. Or building it if you feel you are starting at zero. 

I offer a variety of programmes, where we break down everything to make incremental changes to getting you right back on track. I can also put together bespoke packages for you upon request.

If this is something that you are interested in or would like to find out more about, please email me on

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