Getting back into the world of dating and dating in general should be fun, but there are so many questions, insecurities and sticking points surrounding it! I have worked with many clients as their dating coach and have achieved fantastic results; helping them to have fulfilling and successful dating experiences.

Here are some of the areas I can work with you on -:

– Getting back into dating after a relationship

– The importance of ‘upgrading’ your lifestyle outside of dating and how to do that

– Handling ‘rejection’ and bouncing back from negative experiences

– Ironing out past negative dating patterns 

– Establishing what you want out of dating (and working out your core values and standards)

– Conversation and interaction skills

– How to be an interesting date!

– Offline and online dating tips and the value of both

If dating coaching is something that you are interested in or would like to find out more about, please email me on

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