About you...

You feel heartbroken. Maybe it's because of a recent breakup or an ex you can't get over. 

You wake up and feel exhausted. Depleted of energy, time and emotion.  

Stress has gradually taken over. At work you feel like you’re wearing a mask. You always deliver and excel. People look up to you and you get stuff done. But behind that is someone more sensitive who feels a little like they’re faking it and going to get found out. 

Your social life is the envy of your friends but it feels exhausting. You know that this often means not taking care of yourself and it’s taking it’s toll on your body and how you see yourself.

Relationships - urgh! You seem to go for the wrong people, get heartbroken and have a jaded view of love. You probably feel there’s no one decent left for you. You could be finding it hard to let go of an ex and feel like that was your last chance at love.

There’s a creeping feeling taking root in your soul and you ask yourself, will love ever happen for you?

You hang out with people who you feel don’t get you. You long to find people who share your inner curiosity about the deeper parts of life. Who you can just relax with and be yourself.

You feel sad, a sense of loneliness, a prolonged feeling of 'is this really it?' so your never ending schedule allows you to numb it all.

You need someone to help show you the way and this is where I come in.

I help change people’s lives from a holistic point of view. Yep, we're talking mind, body, soul. I have the personal and professional experience and intuition to help people bring these into harmony.