ROD: Sure, Laura helped me get over my ex and feel better about the future.  But, more than that, she helped me get in touch and establish a wonderful relationship with someone I really needed to fall in love with:  Me.  Through this process, Laura provided a safe and supportive environment where I felt like I was truly cared for.  After Laura's coaching, if someone asked me about my past relationship, I would say, "Oh yeah, I kinda remember that, but I'm now in the present and moving towards a beautiful future.

LUIS: I want to thank you again for all your time and advice. I just spontaneously booked a flight to Zadar, a wonderful beach in Croatia, and I will spend it on my own and open to meet new people. I know that I would have NEVER decided something like that if my confidence was still very low. For once, I feel like the “main character” of my life and it is so great to feel that.

SARAH K: Right from the beginning Laura felt like someone who has known me my whole life, yet she is able to provide balanced, objective perspective and actionable steps toward feeling confident, happy, and fulfilled in a way that is hard to find in someone who feels so close. Laura felt like the perfect fit for me because she is goal-oriented and positive. Thanks to her guidance, I’ve incorporated new habits into my life that bring me peace and I’ve learned to think about things that weigh heavily on me in a different way. I’ve learned to fall in love with all of the things I enjoy about life again and have overcome real challenges with her help.

DAN: At the time of my breakup my brain couldn’t focus on anything but going over the why and wherefore again and again. Laura’s practical advice helped me to develop techniques to cope when the brain fell into that trap in the short term, and longer term reach both acceptance and personal growth with it!  I’m hugely grateful for her helping to get me through a difficult time.

AMBER: Laura is a highly conscious and effective coach. She treats her clients with the highest levels of attention and care. Laura’s coaching approach is joyous and uniquely tailored to your personality. Laura has a talent for instilling her clients with super-charged positivity and a renewed hopeful outlook. Her coaching will leave you feeling uplifted, full of spirit and ready for anything. Laura gets to the heart of life challenges, big and small, with sensitivity and support. I have climbed to new heights and overcome real life challenges with Laura’s guidance. I feel that I could not have asked for a better coach and mentor during this journey. I think of her as ‘my angel in London’ because of her uplifting energy and passion for her work. Laura is a powerful co-creator in helping you to achieve the life of your dreams. I cannot thank Laura enough for her talent and dedication as a coach.

B: I was single for a couple of years during which time I was focused on a career change, but felt ready to start dating again. I felt a bit daunted about putting myself back out there so contacted Laura for a pep talk! I found Laura wonderful to talk to. We discussed what I wanted out of the sessions, talked about the kind of guy I would like to be with, and also talked openly about my views of dating, love and life at 40 years old. Laura helped me look at the times I felt unconfident or shy and challenged those feelings, and also talked through all the options to meet someone that are out there, not just online. Chatting to Laura really reminded me that the time I have spent single has definitely not been wasted, and also that there is love on the horizon! Since we spoke, I am now chatting to guys randomly a lot more - in the queue for the bar, in the crowd at a concert, even at work. It is making me feel more confident and I have no doubt that one day something more will come from one of these random conversations. Thanks Laura!

V: I recently had 4 excellent sessions with Laura. She is an wonderful coach and I found her approach sensitive and supportive. She had some very insightful ideas and made me see my dating life from and much more relaxed, fun and empowered perspective. The main thing I found with her is that she really really cares. She is really rooting for you to find your own path and to find love so you feel able to be very free and honest with her about how you feel and how you want to move forward. I enjoyed and benefited from our Skype conversations immensely.

SALLY: Working with Laura has been truly transformational. I was able to finally let go of my ex and really learnt the important of rewiring my thoughts to make the changes I need to. My life has changed in so many positive ways in all areas! I would highly recommend! Plus the sessions are fun, you leave each one feeling so uplifted and with things to work with/on and she really holds space for you without any judgement.