You are not broken. You do not need fixing. YET some guidance and support will make all the difference.

i get it. In my own life, it kept seeming to throw me challenge after challenge!

I'VE had MY OWN HEARTBREAKS BUT My experience and work goes far beyond JUST THE romantic STUFF.

Despite all the challenges I've experienced in my own life, I still managed to get through each one stronger and more transformed than before. More 'me'.

I got through heartbreak and realised what it really meant to truly love myself. 

I finally found a way to fuse all my what-seemed-like conflicting passions in coaching, wellness, healing, business and creativity and know I didn’t have to fit into a ‘box’. I could do things on my own terms.  

I finally made peace with my body and resolved my body image hang-ups. After going through severe stress and health difficulties, which completely transformed my view on life, I finally, FINALLY understood how my health and healing was the foundation for everything. I finally understood what to do to manage my stress levels.

I finally understood I had to make a home within myself rather than look to someone or something else to get that.

The reason for all of this, was the way I chose to believe about life and it's challenges. I’ve explored many healing practices and cultivated a self-care approach and mindset that changed everything for me. 

If I can do it, OMG you can too!

All of my experience and learnings have led to a powerful evolution of my coaching business. I have such a deep passion for sharing what I know. Though you might think you have heard it all before, you haven’t heard it in the way I speak it. And the way I can help teach it to you.

I practice what I preach and I commit to learning every day.

I’m not going to sit here and TELL you what to do or wave a magic wand and fix everything - you have to meet me half way. But I’m going to challenge the hell out of all the negative things you believe about yourself, love and life and together - you and me united, we are going to find solutions to change what you’re unhappy with.

And I’m going to do this in a way that is sensitive, HEALING and always with love and compassion.

I will set you on that path and be there every step of the way.

Believe me, your life will change if you’re up for the commitment. 

I work 1:1 with people as well as in a group environment. My aim is to bring the power of mindset, healing and transformational change accessible to everyone in a relatable, explorative, empowering and inspiring way.

My work also extends to collaborations, speaking and bespoke content creation. I have created articles, trainings, workshops, talks and offer my coaching services to apps, websites, matchmakers and companies within the dating and wellness industries. Examples of collaborations include content and trainings for, Eharmony and LA based breakup app Mend and client coaching for the UK's leading matchmaking company Mutual Attraction.

I’m a coach, mentor, friend and cheerleader all rolled into one. We will have a giggle when we work together. It will be healing, compassionate and explorative. We will have FUN! I make helping each individual I work with a true experience for them. 

I’m committed to help you truly transform. Are you? Find out more here....