I’ve spent the past 4 years as a coach and writer specialising in helping people through breakups and heartbreak. Although breakups have been my ‘thing’ I’ve also worked with many clients to help them through life struggles, career challenges, stress, anxiety and much more. 

During this time, I’ve also been through my own personal health struggle and in many ways, this has felt like a heartbreak of sorts. Getting back to vibrant health has been the biggest challenge in my life. The inspiration I kept firmly in my mind was visualising the woman who represented what I wanted to become when it come to health, life and business.

To keep sight of the fact that when I came out the other side, I wanted other people to look and me and be inspired to know that they can overcome their challenges too. That they would look at me as ‘That Girl’. 

Getting through it was something my mum told me we would celebrate big time! Any why not, it’s something to be celebrated!

That was then the idea came to me. What if there was someone who could help me plan my perfect celebration based exactly on my loves and needs?

I also noticed that after our coaching, a bounce back celebration was something my clients loved me to help them plan! I’ve always had a flair (and much experience in my previous career) for event organisation and communication so this was one of the aspects of working with clients that I loved most!

So, I decided to create ‘That Girl’ Events; a luxe event and concierge service that helps you curate and plan your very own exclusive bounce back celebration! 

Whether you’ve been through the trenches of a breakup and are now out the other side or like me, have come through a health struggle, those are to be marked and celebrated! It could also be the celebration of your new job, business or anything that’s significant for you. 

Ultimately, I am here to create and plan your dream event that you’ll remember forever. Alongside my personal support, understanding and encouragement every step of the way. 

It doesn’t have to be a celebration or event in the form of a ‘party’ if that’s not your thing. It can be as boujie or low-key as you like. A day of solo pampering, a styling session at your favourite shop/brand, a day of amazing wellness with a group of your girlfriends, an exclusive get together in the privacy of your own home or venue you love, a luxurious trip to Paris, an adrenaline fuelled activity, a holiday or weekend away. Perhaps a fusion of a few things! I can even come to your home or private venue and host a bounce back group workshop complete with all the trimmings if that’s what you would like! 

Whatever you want to put together, I will help you create your perfect and totally bespoke bounce back experience.
If it’s not an event you’re looking for, I can also help you plan a one-to-one bounce back personal strategy. If you’re wanting to find the right path to health/wellness, I can work with you to seek out the right experts based on your needs. Want a new look? With experience in fashion, I’m your girl and I also have stylist and fashion industry contacts. Want to get back on the dating scene? Let’s do it! (I work alongside top matchmakers and have a wealth of experience in the dating industry) Want to plan a trip but don’t know where to start? I have the skills and creative mind to help you.

Plus, as I'm a highly experienced coach, you’re getting the full package of support and understanding tailored specifically for you. 

I fuse a unique blend of my talents in coaching, event organisation, negotiation, communication and idea generation with my savvy flair for making my clients feel amazing. That is ALWAYS my goal because I appreciate how valuable it is when someone really takes time and care to make you feel special. 

How it Works 

- Once you purchase your consultation session, you provide me with an idea of what you would like. Don’t worry if you’re struggling for inspiration as that is also what I can help you with during our call. Curating the perfect experience is my thing!

- I get in touch with you to arrange our first consultation 

- Based on our chat, I’ll then put together a proposal for you with options

- If you’re happy, you give me the go-ahead and I get planning your perfect celebration from start to finish

- The final fee is tailored to the scope of the event/service and my time involved in making it happen. 

Private 1:1 Coaching

I also offer one-to-one coaching. It's like real talk with your best friend, except when you work with me you’ll get real, practical advice and results. 

My coaching methods definitely DO NOT include me sitting in a overpriced armchair psychoanalysing you for all the crazy stuff you’ve done. That isn’t what you need and would also make me a hypocrite because everything you’ve done, I’ve done!

Some Areas I’ve Focused on with Past Clients:

What to do in the first stages of heartbreak so you can breathe again

How to take small steps forward every day so you can get out of bed

Cultivating self-love and doing things for you 

What to do in moments of weakness so you can get through that moment

Changing your thought patterns

Health and wellness techniques

How to handle letting go of your ex so you’re not the Facebook/Instagram stalker anymore

I also coach people beyond their heartbreak and helping them completely revamp their life, whether that’s guiding them on new career goals, finding a new personal style, dating and ultimately, getting their life back on track.

And if you’re reading this thinking “My friend could do with Laura’s help!”, I also offer gift cards for sessions.