Private 1:1 Coaching

The main way of working with me is through my one-to-one coaching. It's like real talk with your best friend, except when you work with me you’ll get real, practical advice and results. 

My coaching methods definitely DO NOT include me sitting in a overpriced armchair psychoanalysing you for all the crazy stuff you’ve done. That isn’t what you need and would also make me a hypocrite because everything you’ve done, I’ve done!

Some Areas I’ve Focused on with Past Clients:

What to do in the first stages of heartbreak so you can breathe again

How to take small steps forward every day so you can get out of bed

Cultivating self-love and doing things for you 

What to do in moments of weakness so you can get through that moment

Changing your thought patterns

Health and wellness techniques

How to handle letting go of your ex so you’re not the Facebook/Instagram stalker anymore

I also coach people beyond their heartbreak and helping them completely revamp their life, whether that’s guiding them on new career goals, finding a new personal style, dating and ultimately, getting their life back on track.

And if you’re reading this thinking “My friend could do with Laura’s help!”, I also offer gift cards for sessions.