• No longer dwelling over your ex and feeling like that was your last shot at love

  • Waking up feeling well rested and it was only Wednesday - those nights of tossing and turning are ancient history

  • Having time in the morning to take care of yourself - nourishing yourself from the inside out and starting your day with grace and ease

  • Feeling healthy with energy and vitality

  • Gliding through your work day - no faking it, no mask, no boredom or stress but rather excitement, contentment and flow

  • Being in complete control of your time, energy and consciously investing both in what lights you up

  • Having boundaries and making great choices for yourself so that old patterns and habits fall by the wayside 

  • Being clear on your passions and having the time to enjoy these to the full

  • Making headway on that passion project or business you want to start

This is ALL possible for you!

I work with PERSONAL clients via one & HALF day in-person immersive experiences, 1 month 'bounce back' packages, 90 minute 'bounce back' power sessions and 3 month coaching programs.


Contact me today to arrange your free coaching taster and you can also gain a view on some starting points from previous clients below...

Case study 1

From feeling burnt out. Their life is stressful and chaotic.

To getting through the day with ease, having time for themselves and knowing how to prioritise and set boundaries for things they DON’T want to be doing. They now flow through life with grace, better health and vitality and incorporate self-care and fun into their everyday. 

Case study 2 

From being heartbroken and obsessing over their ex.

To feeling free of heartbreak, fulfilled and living life in the NOW. To finally feel like they're worthy and to truly understand what it means to love themselves - not just the surface stuff! To have boundaries, to live by them and honour them. To love their life regardless of whether they're in a relationship or not. To know that love is out there and to feel excited about it being on it's way!


Case study 3

From feeling they are ‘unlucky’ in life.

To being aware of how to intercept their own self-sabotaging behaviours and realise that getting a happy, healthy and fulfilling life is so much more in their control than what they thought. They are no longer defined by past experiences and build confidence and ease in interactions. To believe in what is possible again or have even found it!

From feeling sad, helpless, dissatisfied and like life is passing them by

To bouncing back with energy, vitality, purpose and drive. To have worked through any challenges that life threw at them and to have grown emotionally and spiritually. They now know what they want and are truly living instead of just existing. Whether they want to change careers, start a business, find love or just reach a sense of happiness and contentment, life feels good, exciting, nourishing and whole.

case study 4