How to Move Through Heartbreak with Grace

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As we all know, the process of heartbreak is messy. What I’ve learnt though, is that there are many ways where we can move through heartbreak with grace, whilst still honouring the pain, shame, the lows and the myriad of emotions that we might be feeling.

When we think of the word ‘grace’, we typically see it as something physical. What immediately springs to my mind is a ballerina or someone who just seems to move with elegance. You all know someone like that I’m sure! What I’ve come to understand though, is that grace is so much more - it isn’t something that’s just physical. It’s an essence we exude and embody on an energetic level.

What moving through heartbreak with grace isn’t, is pretending everything is ok, burying down all the hurt and sadness and painting a smile on our face that crumbles as soon as we’re alone.

What it is, is being fully aware and conscious of how we’re choosing to react or respond to a situation. It doesn’t mean that the situation isn’t any less painful, but it means that we’re taking a step back and choosing to just observe what’s going on as opposed to reacting to it.

A classic example could be seeing your ex on social media with someone else. Although this feels shitty and painful, instead of frantically texting them demanding to know how they could do this to you and seeking answers, or then retaliating by posting pictures of yourself on social media that are completely inauthentic, you decide instead, to remove yourself from the emotional drama of reactivity. You choose not to engage in their social media or remind yourself that if you do see something, it isn’t a reason to reach out. You stay in your grace.

As I said before, it doesn’t mean pretending you are fine with it - it’s going to hurt. But harnessing that sense of grace is about taking a step back and therefore taking your power back. Reacting on impulse completely depletes us of our power. This has been a really tough lesson for me to learn, which is why the word ‘grace’ is one I try to ground myself in on a daily basis.

Grace also helps us to truly understand our worth. When we choose to observe the pain we’re in - and this can be romantic, in our work, with friends or any life situation, it helps us to actually deal with that pain and go inwards to figure out what we need to grow through it. Healthy ways to deal with that pain. So instead of texting your ex, you might choose to journal it out instead or speak to someone about how you’re actually feeling. It isn’t about putting on a brave face, refusing to cry or feeling like you have to hold it together to the outside world. It’s about getting clear on your triggers and to actively decide to stop participating in any drama that fuels them.

Being graceful also means not trying to force things. No matter how much you try and get answers from your ex, you will never get the ones you want or that will help you heal when you’re coming from a place of reactivity. By stepping back and just allowing your ex to do their thing, by stopping keeping tabs on them and staying in your lane, you will learn to see that you will be ok. You will get perspective and in time, that urge won’t feel any near as potent. You will start to feel more worthy, more deserving and more indifferent to the whole situation. It creates that detachment you’ve been looking for.

Ultimately, you’re re-wiring your subconscious mind to learn a new level of strength. One that you weren’t even aware you had. This also filters in to so many areas of your life. It isn’t about sitting back and being completely passive to life and people. You can (and should!) still have boundaries, but stepping away or saying no or having confronting conversations won’t be rooted in drama or feelings of insecurity, unworthiness and angst.

Finding grace is often about slowing down. Reconnecting and moving through the emotions you’re feeling as opposed to bulldozing through them and trying to keep as ‘busy’ as possible.

This is a quick post but I know this concept of embodying grace in all areas of my life has really helped me and I hope these ideas have helped you too. I’d love to hear in the comments about what grace means to you!

Laura xx